DevOps Summit

DevOps helps you address the tools, processes, and people at your organization to promote a healthy and rapid creative process. The BADCamp DevOps Summit has historically brought the brightest minds in the Drupalverse under one roof to share their insights on GitOps, performance, scaling, automated testing, continuous integration, local development, deployment pipelines, ChatOps, and more.

This year we've replaced the physical roof with a virtual one giving you access to proven methods for working with happier teams while saving time and money. DevOps reduces complexity while increasing efficiency for beginners and experts. Feel free to grab a comfortable chair, have a snack, and join us for great sessions and conversations focused on improving our experiences working with technology.


9:00am: Introduction / What is DevOps?

9:15am: Session #1: Continuous Delivery for State of Georgia

9:50am: Open Source Tools Lightning Talk

10:25am: Session #2: Modernizing Our DevOps Process At UCSF

11:00am: Sponsor Presentation: DevPanel

11:20am: Session #3: Benefits and pitfalls of integrating Drupal into a decoupled, static site build process for

11:55am: Let's Talk Kubernetes Panel

12:40pm: Open Talk (Question & Answer) / Recap

1:00pm: Done

Thursday, October 15
9:00am - 12:30pm (PT)

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