Decoupled Drupal with GatsbyJS

In this hands-on training workshop we will cover how to take leverage the powerful features of Drupal as a Content Management System to build the back-end architecture and infrastructure by using Paragraph types, content types and Views to provide filtered content that lends itself to a component-based front-end.  We will then spinoff a Gatsby website to server as the front-end interface for this Decoupled architecture.

Topics covered during this training include:
- Building a robust and flexible back-end infrastructure with Drupal and using JSON API, as well as GraphQL to query the data intended for our pages.
- We will make heavy use of GraphQL in Gatsby to pull the data from Drupal, at build time, and give us a performant and secure front-end experience.
- We will cover how Gatsby and React make use of components.
- Will touch on different ways and methods for styling components and pages on the front-end (CSS Modules, Styled Components, JSX).
- We will touch on how Gatsby can retrieve data from different data sources such as the file system, CMS’ such as Drupal, and more.
- We will dive deep into Gatsby’s createPage function to build pages at build time.
- Finally we will cover how to extend Gatsby with plug ins.

This training is targeted to beginners-to-intermediate audiences who are looking to learn the basics of a decoupled architecture.  Front-end, back-end and site builders are welcome.  In addition, managers or IT folks who wish to learn basic concepts of a decoupled architecture will find this training very insightful.

Requirements for this training include the use of Lando or DDEV, Docker, as well as latest NodeJS and NPM.  Mediacurrent will provide detailed instructions for setting up your training/development environment prior to training.

About the trainers:

Grayson Hicks:
Grayson is an experienced software developer with a background in Javascript, React.js,  Node.js, and Gatsby.  He works with these technologies in a daily basis and mentor junior developers to level up their skills.

Wendy Stocker:
Wendy Stocker is a full-stack developer specializing in PHP and Drupal, creating software focused on performance and quality assurance.  Wendy has gained deep experience in producing measurable performance optimization results on high-traffic websites. Some notable online work includes The National Review Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Getty Images, Rolling Stone and Bravo TV. 

Mario Hernandez:
In addition to being the Head of Learning, Mario is a Senior Front-End Developer working on some of the world’s most popular brands. Mario has vast experience in all things Front End as well as Drupal.  He developed the very successful Component-based Development training workshop which has been conducted at DrupalCons throughout America and Europe.. Mario’s strengths are training clients and their development teams through custom-tailored curriculums.

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