True Life: I’m an introvert in an extroverts world

Do you shy away from speaking up in a room when it’s completely silent? Do you prefer to maintain a mythical bubble around your entire body? Does the prospect of addressing a room on your own make you perspire and/or shake? Well do I have a session for you!

When it comes to the world of project management, and even our industry as a whole, one character trait that is often at play is that of being an extrovert. The PM position alone is one with the expectation of extrovert characteristics. You are dealing with multiple team members at once, you’re dealing with clients on a daily basis, you are the face of the company when it comes to client relationships in many ways. You gotta be social!

What many people don’t know is that yes, introverts exist in this industry too. Gasp! Being an introvert doesn’t mean you are not good at your job. It should not be viewed as a weakness in your field and/or industry. Coming from a background of mostly PM work in the digital space, many people are confused to hear that I am an introvert. There is a place for all of us. Just as extroverts bring a lot to the table in this industry, introverts do as well. 

In this session I will cover:

  • Ways to adapt your personality to the job at hand, without changing who you are
  • Strategies that you can apply to your position that set you up for success instead of cause you to overthink
  • Tips and tools for taking stock of where you are on the extrovert scale, and knowing how to recover 
  • Positive attributes that an introvert can bring to the table
  • Have your own toolkit to ensure you are setup for success even when put on the spot
Presentation Video
Friday, October 16
2:00pm - 2:20pm (PT)
Being Human / Project Management