Tackling Configuration Management Head On

Configuration management, while being one of the best features of Drupal 8, is still a mystery to most non-technical folks. What exactly is a change that triggers a config file change, what needs to be committed, what happens when the configuration is synced, etc.

And once we understand what a configuration change is, how it affects the site, and how not to have conflicts, we will explore contrib modules that expand the capabilities of configuration and open up new workflows and capabilities. We'll go over real-world examples using Config Split, Config Ignore and others. We will also see how configuration is managed through different hosting partners like Acquia, Pantheon and others.

This is perfect for content creators and project managers who want to understand configuration management better. For any non technical person that has felt the frustration of their changes being wiped out because a developer committed code and synced configuration.

Presentation Video
Saturday, October 17
11:00am - 11:45am (PT)
Content Strategy / Project Management / Drupal for Beginners