A Smarter Approach to Recurring Events in Drupal

Modern websites often need to manage recurring events. Drupal has a number of options available to help, but the setup can be complex, especially if your site needs to manage both recurring and one-off dates, and present them together, for example in a calendar display.

The Smart Date module can help you manage recurring events, and was specifically designed to make it as simple as possible. Through discussion of the module's approach (including how it differs from other available options), and first-hand demonstrations you'll experience:

  • How Smart Date's approach makes the initial setup easy, including the use of a starter kit that can have your site managing recurring events within minutes
  • The ways in which adding recurring events can be simple but also allow for a robust set of granular rules that map to real-world use cases
  • Formatting options specifically designed to make the display of recurring events succinct and customizable by context

Target Audience

  • Site owners who need to manage recurring events in an easy, cost-effective way
  • Developers who are often asked to customize they way recurring dates and times are managed within Drupal, especially across timezones and languages
Presentation Video
Friday, October 16
9:00am - 9:45am (PT)
UX & Design / Drupal for Beginners