Managing People: The Art & The Science

As a project manager, I’m often tasked with managing client schedules, timelines, meetings, tasks and recaps. However, the most complex and difficult deliverable I’m responsible for every day: managing people. Fortunately, I've found a way to manage people combining the art of the individual and meeting them where they're most comfortable utilizing the science behind why they're comfortable there. With the help of personality tests—such as StrengthsFinders or Myers Briggs—I’m able to identify how individuals are most productive in their role, how they like to work with others and their preferred methods of communication, among others. Coupling these test results with observing them in their environment—how are they interacting with the team, in what ways to they like to be recognized, etc.—I have been able to get to know individuals on a deeper level, establishing a sound working relationship based in a foundation of understanding which time and again leads successful project outcomes. Now I aim to share my approach with the intent that others can get out of their own way with the end goal to build stronger internal relationships, ultimately resulting in strong, long-term client relationships. 

Presentation Video
Friday, October 16
1:00pm - 1:20pm (PT)
Being Human / Project Management / Community