Making a better community, better software, and a better world

In 2020 there can be no denying that we live in a culture that is deeply unjust in ways that impact all of us in ways large and small. In spite of the best intentions, inequality persists and grows. Why is bias so pervasive, even in communities built on principles of openness and accessibility to all? And why is it critical that every member of the Drupal community understand and do something about this?

In this session we will discuss 

  • Why it matters who makes decisions about your website/project.
  • Why good intentions are not enough.
  • Some common fallacies about diversity challenges in tech.
  • What diversity, inclusion, and equality really mean.
  • Actual things you can do to make your company, community, and products suck less for marginalized people.
  • What Drupal Diversity & Inclusion is, and how you might want to plug in.

Drupal Diversity and Inclusion is an independent collective of Drupal community members working to challenge ourselves and our colleagues to make the Drupal community more inclusive and equitable since 2016. This session is appropriate for anyone who wants to make the Drupal community a more inclusive & equitable place. It covers common diversity, equity & inclusion topics at a beginner level.

Join us to learn why “Come for the code, stay for the community” has never been more necessary.

Presentation Video
Friday, October 16
11:00am - 11:45am (PT)
Community / Being Human