Decoupling Drupal: Gatsby Live Preview from the same project

Lots of people are interested in decoupling Drupal - using it as a backend headless CMS for some other front end Javascript framework. Gatsby is a clear contender for filling that front end spot, providing an official plug in for setting the relationship up, pulling content during its builds, and even allowing you to refresh content for live previews while new content is being created. 

The typically recommended way of doing this is to have your Drupal and Gatsby instances, especially in the case of Live Preview, on two completely different servers. On, it's possible to not only deploy the two applications together on the same project, but to customize Gatsby's build to support previews on all of your development environments. The preview server is created automatically every time the environment is created, keeping content and code review all a part of the same workflow. 

Friday, October 16
11:00am - 11:45am (PT)
This session will be live captioned