Building your Existing Drupal 8/9 Project with Docksal

Long gone are the days when writing code was all you needed to develop awesome apps. Nowadays, developers should be able to use multiple languages, frameworks and architectures – and on top of that – they need to know how to use several tools and products to make their lives easier. One of these products is Docksal. It is Docker powered environment for web development on macOS, Windows and Linux.

So Docksal on it's own is an awesome tool and can be used as is without anything else! Local Drupal development can be tricky but docksal can come handy. It's a great, fast tool for running local web based projects, particularly Drupal.

This session will explain how using Docksal will save you time getting up and running for an existing Drupal8/9 development project.

The session will focus on:
1: Why Docksal and how does it work.
2: Setting up Docksal on your system.
3: Creating the environment for Drupal8/9.
4: Project directory structure.
5: Configuration (Stack & Database).

Learning Objective:
At the end of this session, attendees will be able to have a better overview of why Docksal is one of the best options for Drupal development and how it caters their project needs.

Target Audience:

Key Takeaways:
Basic Knowledge of docksal with drupal.

Presentation Video
Saturday, October 17
2:25pm - 2:45pm (PT)
Drupal for Beginners