Back-end developer essential guide to front-end browser testing and debugging tools

Flexbox, CSS grid, accessibility, device testing, JavaScript performance metrics - those are just part of day-to-day front-end developer life. Front-end development is definitely more complex today than it has been a few years ago. This means that it's harder for back-end developers to jump in and assist without knowing tools of the trade.

Whether you are, like myself, mostly a back-end developer by day but run into situations when you need to help to debug, test and fix front-end, or aspired full-stack unicorn, or maybe a beginner front-end you will find something in this session. We will go step by step and browser by browser and cover tools, techniques, extensions for CSS debugging of flexbox and grid, JavaScript debugging and tricks for browse console, accessibility tools in your browser that will make your life easier as well as popular accessibility extensions. Then we will move into helper websites that make day to day routine debugging tasks easier. And finally will look into on device testing options in your browsers.

Come along and add a few new tools to your developer toolbox.

Friday, October 16
1:00pm - 1:45pm (PT)
Theming & Front-end / Performance / Accessibility
This session will be live captioned