After 5 years, my dream Drupal component workflow is finally here

Over the life of Drupal 8 the options to integrate design system components into your project has improved, but have always felt somewhat incomplete. While Twig brought the ability to import or embed templates, the data mapping process could be challenging to newcomers and often falls out of sync with display options in Drupal’s admin UI. The UI Patterns Module greatly improved component management using Drupal’s admin UI, but integration modules varied and using UI Patterns with Layout Builder had some limitations. 

Enter the Component Blocks module which provides integration between UI Patterns and Layout Builder and has the potential to be the missing piece in Drupal's component based workflow.

This session will look at the recently released Component Blocks module, including:

  • An overview of the features of the module.

  • How Component Blocks provides a consistent interface for Drupal component integration.

  • How Component Blocks solves past challenges related to visual component integration.

  • A proposed Component Blocks based workflow.

Presentation Video
Saturday, October 17
1:25pm - 1:45pm (PT)
Theming & Front-end