Speaker Resources

Thank you for speaking and contributing to the BADCamp community!

Day-of Logistics

  • Both the calendar invites (check back after October 12) and the Session Schedule spreadsheet (check back after October 12) will have helpful info like moderator names and your Hopin links.
  • For follow up, it's perfectly fine to direct people to a personal Slack channel, a personal Google Meet or a personal Zoom room.
  • Sessions will occur in a professionally managed Hopin space where attendees will view and chat. You will have a moderator to manage the technical aspects.

Speaking Resources


Speaker Agreement

By accepting the offer to present at DrupalCon, the speaking team agrees to the following:

Lead Speaker Role: The lead speaker understands that they are responsible for conveying information to and responding on behalf of the speaking team.

Code of Conduct: The speaking team has read and will abide by the BADCamp Code of Conduct.

Promoted Content: The speaking team understands that sessions are for storytelling and knowledge sharing and will not use the session to promote products or services.

Registration: The speaking team understands that each individual must register for BADCamp, no later than Sept 30. Speakers must also register at Hopin so that we can assign you to your session.

Original Work: The speaking team agrees that session content is the speaking team's own original work or is material that the team has the legal right to present.

Obtaining Consent: The speaking team understands that they are responsible for obtaining any required consents, permissions, and clearances to display or otherwise use session materials.

Important Note About Video & Other Animations

Video compression is heavily affected by animation. (Animations can also make attendees unwell.) We strongly advise against including video, animated gifs, and animated slide transitions in your presentations.

In Case of Emergency During a Live Session

Each session should have a session monitor volunteer to ensure speakers have arrived and get started on time, liaise with DrupalCon staff in case of technical difficulties or other issues, cheerlead speakers, and monitor session chat. They will be provided with the following instructions, however, speakers should be prepared just in case.

Use the #BADCAMP-speaker-emergency channel on the public Drupal Slack to communicate with DrupalCon staff about. Examples of emergencies: tech issues, unwelcome behavior such as spamming or trolling, potential Code of Conduct violations, etc.

BADCamp staff will monitor the #BADCAMP-speaker-emergency during the conference hours and will get back to you shortly.

IMPORTANT: When communicating about a potential Code of Conduct violation: Please communicate urgently, yet maintain privacy. Post something like “I’m a [role] and urgently need to DM with BADCamp orgainzers about a current issue.” An organizer will privately message you for more information, join the session immediately to monitor, and may follow up with you and/or others.

Please do not use this channel for anything other than communicating urgent messages during live sessions.


Hopin General Resources


Having two screens is unnecessary but can make for a smoother experience for those speakers who share their screen (slides).


  • Use a modern browser for best experience. Hopin recommends Chrome or Chromium.
  • Hopin specifically recommends Chrome over Firefox for those who are sharing their screen (slides).
  • Close all extraneous browser tabs before you start.

Demo videos:

Powerpoint: https://youtu.be/1u1DWk-aPkw

Google Slides: https://youtu.be/fNaOa4NBWlA 

Keynote: https://youtu.be/-Nw2zRfjAQ0 

Moderation tools: https://youtu.be/WRphshicfHs 

Spaces: https://youtu.be/ITDDQrOKUxg