Fullstack Drupal Developer (Contract)

We're looking for a Full Stack Drupal Developer to join our team as a part-time contractor and help us crush our upcoming web projects.

At Tandem, you'll work with a team of experts, including the maintainers of Lando, multiple Drupal modules, Backdrop CMS, and contributors to a wide range of open source projects.

Essential Requirements

This position is full-stack, but we prefer candidates that are weighted more towards the front-end. You'll need...

Deep Drupal 8 Experience. Have you been working with Drupal 8 for more than 2 years? What's your past experience with Drupal?

Design to Bootstrap-powered Drupal Theme. Translating visual designs from Sketch/Figma/Invision to fully functional Drupal components built using Bootstrap.

Design Systems. Creating design systems using composition and components rather than one-off pretty pages.

Communication. Ability to communicate with clients, designers, developers, and speak up when you see an issue.



We'd love to see examples of you working with...

  1. Vue.js or React

  2. Deep understanding of Webpack

  3. Familiarity with utility CSS frameworks (Tailwind / Bootstrap)

  4. Lando for local development (We maintain Lando, so knowing how to make it sing would be great).

  5. Laravel, or Symfony experience. You'll mostly be working on fancy stuff on the frontend, but always good if you can lend a hand in the backend)

  6. CI environments like Travis/CircleCI.

  7. Automated testing tools and services (behat, lighthouse, codeclimate)

Location Requirements

Tandem is a completely remote team. To apply you must be...

  • Available for meeting 8AM-5PM PST. Much of our team is in EST and we have a mandatory daily standup at 8AM PST.

Please do not apply if you do not fit these criteria.