Lead Frontend Developer

Apply your frontend development passion to socially-minded causes

As a Frontend Lead at Kalamuna, you’ll be responsible for charting the course of Kalamuna’s frontend practice in coordination with development leadership. Your solutions will consider our UX design goals, which are user-centered and collaborative. You’ll educate the team on best practices, ensure we have strong, standardized approaches to the problems that deserve them, and generally have an eye towards the future. Our static site generator and styleguiding/prototyping framework, Kalastatic, is undergoing a major revitalization which you’ll be a part of too.

You’ll also work on client projects. This could mean hand-crafting a static site based on Figma files and Zeplin outputs, creating a living styleguide and prototype with component-based design, or developing in the CMS – primarily Drupal. In that context you’ll focus on themes, subthemes, and component architectures, but also sometimes code-sharing in complex brand ecosystems, decoupled applications, and more.

Candidates for this remote position must reside in the US or Canada. BIPOC applicants will receive priority consideration, particularly if some expressed qualifications can be equivocated with lived experience. If you’re a recruiter or agency, please don’t contact us.


  • 3+ years agency experience
  • A desire to work with mission-driven institutions like nonprofits, universities, museums, and civic organizations
  • Excellent communication for both internal and client-facing communications.
  • Proficiency with JavaScript
  • Mastery of web standards and best practices, particularly the ability to leverage templating languages like Twig to write meaningful, semantic HTML that responds across devices and breakpoints, degrades gracefully, and meets (or exceeds) the latest accessibility guidelines.
  • Though we very often roll our own, frontend frameworks help us not reinvent the wheel, and save time. You should know when and where to use modern frameworks like Bootstrap and Material Design as a baseline.
  • Comfort with Drupal 8/9 and a desire to learn more; expertise desired.
  • Comfort with modern development practices, build tools, and package managers.
  • Stylesheet mastery in CSS3 including flexbox, grids, and the rest of the goodies. DRY principles. SASS structures that honor reusable component architectures.
  • Git and version control best practices
  • Familiarity with Variable Fonts and advanced media queries
  • Agile methodologies, Scrum, and issue tracking tools like JIRA

You Might Also Know About

  • SVG and CSS3 animation
  • JavaScript-based frameworks like React, AngularJS, Vue.js Gatsby, or AwesomeThingJS
  • Visual design
  • User Experience design
  • Information architecture
  • Mapping and data visualization