Pet Meet & Greet

Since we are rarely able to bring our Pets to BADCamp, this fun event is to introduce our furry-friends to the Drupal Community! 

Be sure you add this event to your calendar to meet each other's animals and feel free to bring your animal in costume (or not). 


  • Welcome message from the organizers
  • Round robin to introduce yourself and your pet, which will include the following questions: 
    • Your name and your pet's name
    • A short backstory of how you and your pet came together
    • A fun fact about your pet!
  • Open time for socializing

We are looking forward to meeting your pets! 

Aaron Porter and his dog Ferdy in a cute dog sized hoodie
Aaron Porter and his dog, Ferdy, in a cute hoodie


Saturday, October 17
12:00pm - 12:30pm (PT)