Join us April 8 at San Francisco Drupal User Group

SFDUG april 8 poster

Join the San Francisco Drupal User Group (SFDUG) virtually to network, co-work and socialize with fellow Drupal users.

We opened our April 8 meetup to folks who had sessions accepted at DrupalCon and wanted some space to practice and get feedback. We have 5 speakers lined up with a variety of topics.

General Agenda:

Views cookbook - advanced recipes for every web occasion with Anna Mykhailova, Senior Drupal Architect at Kalamuna
Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of the Views, how to go beyond standard config? Have you ever been confused about Views build cycle, hooks and plugins? This session is going to demystify all of the components, clear the instructions and set you up with the "ingredients" for Views recipes that are suitable for every occasion.

Get Off the Island: What We Can Learn From Craft CMS, Contentful, SquareSpace, and WordPress with Suzanne Dergacheva, co-founder of Evolving Web
Creating a great content editor experience is key to Drupal’s success and to the success of every Drupal website. But to build an intuitive interface for content editors, we need to understand content editors’ expectations and what experience other CMSs are offering. In this session, I’ll demo findings of a study of CMS user experience. We’ll look at Craft CMS, Contentful, SquareSpace, and WordPress. Learn what these platforms do right, and what we can learn as Drupal site builders, developers, and contributors.

Manually Curated Solr Search Results with Martin Anderson-Clutz
Drupal has a mature and robust integration with Apache Solr for enterprise-quality site search. That said, some competing search solutions give editors the ability to manually curate results for popular searches. You'll see how the module is installed and configured, and how easy it is to promote content and manage results, even right from the node form. We'll also discuss the different configuration options, and how they influence the results that will be returned.

JSON:API: 101 Understanding JSON:API in Drupal with Parvateesam Konapala, Solutions Engineer at Pegasystems
The JSON:API module is a fully compliant implementation of the JSON:API Specification. The JSON:API is designed to minimize both the number of requests and the amount of data transmitted between clients and servers. This efficiency is achieved without compromising readability, flexibility, or discoverability.

Teams: joining efforts to maintain projects with Marco Villegas, contractor at adapt
Open source benefits from community collaboration a lot, in the form of contributions of different types, but how sustainable they are may depend on the amount of people around them.
This presentation explores the idea of team maintainership in the Drupal community, looking also at some experiences in other open source projects.


SFDUG seeks to provide a friendly, safe environment. All participants should be able to engage in productive dialogue. They should share and learn with each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We require all participants to adhere to the Drupal Code of Conduct. This applies to all community interactions and events.