Front End Developer

Tandem is a leading digital agency with deep roots in the Drupal community and the skills to deliver ambitious software projects for global scale startups, forward thinking universities, and cutting edge healthcare firms. Whether it's creating advanced headless websites with Nuxt/Vue and Drupalcreating the #1 Local Development tool used by Drupal developers using NodeJS, or building rock-solid DevOps workflows, Tandem is on the cutting edge of web development.

You are an experience Front End Developer who knows how to ship projects, but also has a deeper interest in making the next generation of digital products that help developers and humanity move forward.

At Tandem, you'll work with a team of experts, including the maintainers of Lando, multiple Drupal modules, BackdropCMS, and contributors to a wide range of open source projects.

In order to succeed you should...


The front end dev is the alchemist who transforms mockups into beautiful websites. You'll be making things look KILLER on a phone, phenomenal on a phablet, tubular on tablets, and to die for on desktop devices all day, so you'll need to be really good at the following:

  1. Producing clean and semantic HTML markup from a variety of templating engines (Twig, Blade, PHP and Vue are used a lot at Tandem).

  2. Write Lean and mean SCSS to make eye-popping components with a featherweight footprint.

  3. Translating visual designs from Sketch/Figma/Invision to fully functional HTML

  4. Writing clean Javascript to go the extra mile when CSS won't cut it (and knowing when to stick to CSS)

  5. Writing rich client front ends with at least one modern JS framework (Vue [preferred], React, Angular, Backbone).

  6. Creating design systems using composition and components rather than one-off pretty pages.

  7. Ability to communicate with clients, designers, developers, and speak up when you see an issue.


We'd love to see examples of you working with...

  1. Vue.js or React

  2. Deep understanding of Webpack

  3. Familiarity with utility CSS frameworks (Tailwind++)

  4. Lando for local development (We make the thing, so knowing how to make it sing would be great).

  5. Drupal, Laravel, or Symfony experience. You'll mostly be working on fancy stuff on the frontend, but always good if you can lend a hand in the backend)

  6. Containerization (how to create Docker Compose or Kube configs).

  7. CI environments like Travis/CircleCI.

  8. Automated testing tools and services (Behat, Lighthouse, CodeClimate)


Tandem is a completely remote team, but to apply you must be...

  • Located within 3hr time window of Pacific Standard Time.

  • Available for meeting 8AM-5PM PST. Much of our team is in EST and we have a mandatory daily standup at 8AM PST. East Coast team members tend to stop work ~2PM PST but make themselves available for West Coast client meetings when needed.

Please do not apply if you do not fit both of these criteria.


Do you want a place to work on your own ideas AND make money?

Back in 2012, Tandem founders Alec and Mike had a crazy idea: using the profits from their consultancy, they could avoid the venture-funded rat race and fund development of new digital products themselves.

Since then they not only created insanely popular products and helped great organizations, but learned the power of relationships. Trust. Transparency. Treating people like adults. These are the values that created the Tandem team and sustain it today.

So if you have that wild, Muir-like spirit within you, the one that wants to climb the entrepreneurial tree and scream out to the world, Tandem is making a place for you. It's a place that feeds the creative beast while respecting your need for a balanced life. Because let's face it, we're all too old for this "ramen stage" shit.