Business Development Associate (Remote)

Tandem is a digital agency looking for a business development associate who can help with...

  • Lead Generation : Help create lists of leads, filtering through resources like LinkedIn Sales Navigator,
  • Prospecting : Start conversations using multiple channels (including drip campaigns, cold calling, networking on virtual platforms, etc.) and find leads with enough interest in our services to schedule a virtual meeting with a Tandem account manager.
  • Follow-up : Own the communication with leads. Instantly respond to incoming emails. Make sure that follow-ups between leads and account managers happen. Check-back with leads who expressed interest but weren't prepared to talk. Nothing slips through the cracks!
  • Data Management : Manage all data in our CRM and make sure it's useful to everyone in the sales process.

In order to succeed this individual should…

  • Share Tandem's core values.
  • Give a shit and take pride in their (and by extension) the organization's work.
  • Be self-motivated and passionate about learning.
  • Be pleasant to work with.
  • Be creative and allergic to dogma.
  • Be able to see the "big picture" value of your work.


This is an entry level position; the biggest requisite is having zero fear about trying new things and talking with new people. That said, there are a few essential requirements.


  • Drip Campaigns : Ability to use a drip email campaign solution.
  • Data Management : Experience managing lists of contacts in a CRM and in spreadsheets.
  • Digital Communication : You can handle multiple digital channels (email/LinkedIn/Twitter/Slack) at once, responding nearly instantly to incoming communications and never letting a message fall through the cracks.
  • Writing : You can communicate via email in a professional and warm manner. Good grammar/spelling is essential, as is fluidity.

Personal Qualities

  • Go getter, highly motivated and self starter.
  • Very friendly, open presence. You're constantly looking to start new conversations with people you don't know.


Experience with Our Offerings/Customers

  • Experience in B2B Software Sales
  • Experience selling enterprise SaaS software, digital consulting services (ex: web design/application development), or creative consulting services (ex: marketing/copywriting).
  • Experience selling technical solutions to management, VP, and C-level executives.


Do you want a place to work on your own ideas AND make money?

Back in 2012, Tandem founders Alec and Mike had a crazy idea: using the profits from their consultancy, they could avoid the venture-funded rat race and fund development of new digital products themselves.

Since then they not only created insanely popular products and helped great organizations, but learned the power of relationships. Trust. Transparency. Treating people like adults. These are the values that created the Tandem team and sustain it today.

So if you have that wild, Muir-like spirit within you, the one that wants to climb the entrepreneurial tree and scream out to the world, Tandem is making a place for you. It's a place that feeds the creative beast while respecting your need for a balanced life. Because let's face it, we're all too old for this "ramen stage" shit.