Solutions Architect & Senior Drupal Developer - Higher Education

Our KWALL mission: First in class Higher Ed Agency that is the primary digital partner for Higher Ed. Deliver a wide array of solutions and support that extends past the singular product or service empowering our clients to be the best they can be online.

Your Role: Solutions Architect
As a technical member of the KWALL team, your job is complex and has many responsibilities. Your key mission is to support and engage in KWALL objectives by implementing, reviewing, and pioneering new and existing systems.

Your areas of accountability will include:

  • Assisting team in developing key architectures for internal projects and other CMS or systems
  • Assisting team in development of content types, entities, paragraphs, features, etc
  • Assisting team in development of database schemas or architectures, flows
  • Assisting team in detailed documentation of the architectures, delivering them to developers in charge of projects and making sure they are understood
  • Supporting hosting and managing the cost and efficiencies
  • Git
  • Dev hosting
  • Client hosting help
  • Researching and presenting new products and opportunities to KWALL management
  • New CMS systems
  • Ways we can improve
  • Roadblocks
  • Community support, opportunities for KWALL to achieve technical success
  • Training
  • Helping local and remote employees train
  • Focus on core competencies such as nginx, migrations, etc.
  • Assisting team in achieving their goals
  • Reviewing designs and plans and suggesting ways of optimizing the process
  • Assisting in design functional review and design functional doc planning
  • Approving Migration strategies, technical documentation, SOW descriptions
  • Review migration strategies, provide guidance as need, and provide final approval prior to actual migration.
  • Review client and internal technical documentation and provide feedback as needed.
  • Review SOW descriptions to ensure they are accurate descriptions of technical deliverables we are providing

It’s expected that you are providing the following:

  • Support of quarter, annual, and large mission company objectives
  • Actively aware of and engaged in these objectives
  • New technological opportunities and ideas - The KWALL product options
  • Documentation of products
  • Support for ongoing customers
  • Active participation in strategy meetings related to your role

Competencies Required
This role requires many competencies but at a minimum:

  • In Depth Understanding of Drupal
  • Ability to understand business needs and break them down into technical solutions
  • Marketing and University operations expertise with digital platform development
  • Deep understanding of IT, Servers, Products, Capabilities
  • HTML, jQuery, PHP, Databases, Shell Scripting, CSS
  • Networks, DNS, Domains, SSL Certs
  • Integration and migration best practices
  • Overall time assessments of development
  • Expert communication skills
  • Expert time management

Being a part of a small company AND a team building large high profile solutions is difficult. We grow by our combined team commitment. This role is an all-in commitment which requires you to:

  • Be available via phone, email, or text when needed even outside of general 9-5 business hours in case of issues or emergencies.
  • Active engagement and communication with KWALL team members
  • Travel as needed to office/client locations
  • Manage your calendar and proactively look for issues
  • Be a role model and attend KWALL events or marketing engagements as needed.